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Way too busy when I visited last and service understandably suffered. Staff are extremely helpful but there weren't enough of them. Good product, just need to avoid the busiest shopping times.

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 by meddler (8 reviews), 18 May 2011
Very good. I love Vans, they are so comfortable and practical and they go with everything, smart and casual. Even though they are quite expensive they are well worth the money.

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 by georgewilliams96 (9 reviews), 18 Jul 2009
The speed with which you can put on your footwear is a very important factor in any shoe shopping experience. Personally, if I am unable to put on a pair of shoes in under 4.5 seconds, I will consider both the shoe and the shop to be under-performing and may consider a complaint. Fortunately, many shoes in the Vans range exceed expectations. My most memorable experience to date was the application of a pair of Vans slip-ons in approximately 1.9 seconds, only a shade slower than the current world record of 1.7 seconds held by Doris Litman of Anglesey... Keep up the good work!

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 by boredatwork, 20 May 2008
Amazing! I have two pairs now. Can't beat the authentic blackouts - I wear them day in, day out and they do not seem to wear out at all. Pricey, granted, but I trust the majority don't mind paying for quality.

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 by DannyDemuth, 29 Aug 2007
Vans use such good materials and have great designs. I like the classic slip-on Vans because they're quick to put on.

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 by Bernd, 20 Jun 2007
Over the last two days I've bought 4 pairs of Vans. They have such great designs.

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 by betty_19, 28 Mar 2007
I came from Pakistan for a holiday and my Vans were the best thing I bought. Vans rock!

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 by Anonymous, 16 Feb 2007
I love it - I come from Germany to buy my Vans, they're great!

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 by Anonymous, 06 Feb 2007
Vans heaven. You don't need any other shop for trainers.

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 by Anonymous, 10 Jan 2007
Vans are great. My brother bought them, and ever since he took me into the Vans shop when he bought some, I've loved some!

I travel from near Liverpool(on the Wirral) down to London just to buy them! I LOVE VANS -xo

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 by Anonymous, 14 May 2006
Excellent store. Great trainers. Can be a little busy at times but I still love it!

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 by Karen101 (28 reviews), 30 Jan 2006
Whenever I'm in London I always come here to buy a new pair of Vans. They are so much cheaper here, and Vans can stand up to my skating. Champions!

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 by Anonymous, 23 Jan 2006
I really like Vans - really groovy, but really expensive.

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 by Anonymous, 02 Jan 2006
Amazing shoes and great value. Not for chavs!

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 by Anonymous, 08 Dec 2005
I got my first pair of Vans last Christmas and getting my second pair this year. No way are they expensive, they are affordable and worth every penny.

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 by Anonymous, 22 Nov 2005
Not overpriced, the Vans shop does great deals. I travel from Bristol to go to the shop to get my shoes. They rock!

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 by delirium_trigger, 23 Oct 2005
Brilliant shoes - comfy to wear, stylish and look brilliant. I would say they are the best shoes I've ever bought.

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 by gemzy, 16 Oct 2005
I got a pair of Vans a couple of months ago, and haven't taken them off since!

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 by ac/dc fan, 29 Aug 2005
Loving Vans, am just about to purchase another pair! Stylish, comfy & last for ages so their worth their price!

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 by Anonymous, 28 Aug 2005
Vans are great, just about to get my 2nd pair (sexy pink & black slip-ons... mmm!)

Don't think they're expensive at all, make sure you get them

from the Vans shop for a better deal.

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 by tobyrone, 24 Aug 2005

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