Busaba Eathai

106-110 Wardour Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7255 8686 Tottenham Court Road 0.2 miles

Communal Thai dining in an impressively designed, yet understated environment .The "no-booking" policy means you can expect queues on Friday and Saturday nights.

© Busaba Eathai

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Terrible restaurant. First and last time I'll go there. Food was overpriced, with the taste being just ordinary. Waiters are always in a rush (that is, a rush to get you out - maybe they get a bonus for serving the highest number of customers?).

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 by B4u4u2c, 09 Oct 2011
This place is way overpriced and over-hyped: £8 for a main dish for half the portion size you’d get at an authentic Thai restaurant... and for half the flavour. My meal was lukewarm – cold by the time I finished. The calamari starter smelled off and had no discerning flavour whatsoever. After spending £33 for two (without alcohol) I felt ripped off. The foul, lingering post-meal aftertaste certainly didn’t help either.

What’s interesting is that this place is always busy. Clever marketing, or is the British palette grossly unsophisticated? Either way, I shall never return and recommend others do the same. Save your money for the many smaller, family-owned Thai restaurants scattered around London.

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 by e_de_rosa, 08 Sep 2011
Won't be going here again; really bad service and poor (cold) food... not to mention being overcharged!!

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 by femalebarber, 16 Oct 2010
The service was stroppy; the wine was warm (they didn't have ice buckets); the portions were meagre; the fish stir fry with octopus, prawn and single scallop tasted bland and the octopus like old leather...

This place used to be great, but I feel their long queues have made them very complacent. I won't be going back.

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 by mikeaogden, 29 Apr 2009
Excellent food at an affordable price. A bit overcrowded and the service wasn't brilliant. The food more than made up for it though!

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 by hemavadee, 08 Oct 2008
Fantastic food, friendly staff and reasonable prices. I have been to this restaurant three times and it never fails to impress me!

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 by bubble21, 25 Sep 2008
This place was quite a nice find for us. Never heard of it before we walked past starving. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff. Strange though, they can't serve some dishes as starters - you have to have all your food at the same time! Also, did get the feeling they were in a rush for us to leave. The bill arrived as soon as the plates were gone. We hadn't even asked for it... what if we'd wanted another drink? Still, reasonably priced for London.

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 by jiia78, 18 Sep 2008
I was visiting London from Bombay and my brother, who swears by this place, took me here. It's probably the best food I have eaten in my life. The Thai calamari is the best! I would recommend this place to Indians particularly for the spicy food which we miss so much.

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 by arsiwalasahil, 28 Aug 2008
One of my regular venues. The food is really good. Thai calamari is a must-try, as are prawn pomelo and the padham chicken (best in town). Good selection of beers and wines. So if you want something tasty that's quick and good value, check it out!

Useful review?
 by Vince75016 (10 reviews), 25 Jun 2008
I don't know how they do it, but every time I've been - and that's got to be well over 20 times - the food and service has always been perfect! It is by far one of my favourite London restaurants. The great thing is, you can ALWAYS afford to go! The only small snag is the acoustics are quite bad due to the beautiful hard wood finish... a small price to pay.

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 by Princess P (3 reviews), 07 Jun 2008
I have been to this restaurant a couple of times now and I have enjoyed the food a lot. Green Thai curry a must!

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 by hawklouise, 30 Apr 2008
The best Thai. I have been several times and the experience has been fantastic. The staff do seem a bit rushed when whizzing around, but all turns out very well in terms of waiting time. Busaba gets my vote!

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 by Hass,, 18 Feb 2008
The best Thai green curry ever! I thought it was all great. We went early one Monday evening. It was packed and big queues outside - need I say more? Beware of the men's toilets, as you can see under the mirror!

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 by lisa g, 28 Nov 2007
This is an amazingly BAD Thai restaurant. The menu is horrifyingly sad. The service was fine but I didn't think it was pleasant at all. The food just didn't taste anything close to Thai food. Awful.

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 by gummy, 09 Nov 2007
Disappointing. The chargrilled duck with tamarind tasted and looked 'manufactured' - it honestly didn't taste or look like any kind of duck I'd ever eaten. Big portions, but no flavour. The pandan chicken, again, had that 'machine-made' feel to it and came across as bulky and lacking in taste. A pad Thai was passably good, though some chopped fresh chilli would have improved it, and the deep fried Thai calamari was very good. We got in reasonably quickly and the service was prompt and efficient. The prices were mid-range but the food was not what I would expect for the price.

I cannot avoid the feeling that this restaurant is a victim of its own popularity. Get 'em in, stuff 'em with bulked up food and get 'em out... In the inevitable comparison with Wagamama chain, this place comes off as a pricier version with shoddier food. Not a good experience.

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 by scaro, 10 Oct 2007
Great food, great service, great staff, great ambiance! Price is just right for the great quality food you get.

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 by lorea, 28 Sep 2007
An awful experience, from the aggressive doorstaff to the evasive service, poor food and unpleasant manager.

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 by NapoliBoy (2 reviews), 20 Aug 2007
The food is so great there that my family and I went 3 times in a week! We can't find food like that here in Los Angeles. A must try!

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 by Yvetteinthemix, 06 Aug 2007
Tried Busaba for the first time over the weekend. The food was great and the service excellent. Will definitely go again.

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 by Princess G, 02 Jul 2007
Wonderful. You can always count on a good standard of food and super-fast service.

Useful review?
 by missfine (24 reviews), 19 Jun 2007

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