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46 Grosvenor Place
Belgravia, London
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Hyde Park Corner 0.1 miles

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Amazing restaurant! Food is delicious, service friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere buzzing. Will be returning again soon!

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 by simone_o_reilly, 15 Jun 2011
The food was very poor. I don't see how they can call themselves 'fine dining'. Their chicken was not cooked and the waiter tried to say, first, that it was the colour of the sauce, then he said it was the sort of chicken they use. I didn't get any discount for that. The rice was lukewarm, which can cause food poisoning. If an environmental health officer was served this I think they would be in serious trouble!

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 by brendadye17, 09 Mar 2011
Never again! I had been meaning to go to this resto for years, and what a disappointment. The food was actually okay, nothing flash but okay, but the service was just disgusting! The joke is that they have the audacity to think this is acceptable because when I complained, the manager was as dismissive as the waiter. Like I said, NEVER AGAIN!!

My friend suffers from coeliac disease (gluten intolerance) and so asked for a list of the ingredients in the Thai curries. The ignorant, rude, stuck up waiter just spewed off some ingredients and, when quizzed further, rolled his eyes and just kept saying "Well why don't you try something else?", in between running back and forth to speak with the chef. If you have someone in your restaurant asking in-depth questions about the food, a member of the kitchen team needs to come out and speak with them or else send someone who knows what they're talking about.

We finished our drinks and decided to leave, opting to eat at one of my favourite places - Noura, a Lebanese resto next door.

I've dined at restaurants all over the world and never have I experienced such poor service. Save your time, energy and money by going somewhere else.

To end on a good note, the decor is pretty nice and they have lovely flower arrangements.

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 by Milla (46 reviews), 08 Dec 2008
Mango Tree is not quite how I remembered it from a few years back. We arrived and had a couple of cocktails, which were very good as were the bar nuts. We had booked for 11 people and they took us to a table for 9. After 10 mins they finally managed to get another 2 place settings squeezed onto this table. The service was slow (but polite), the place was too noisy, the starters were poor and main course was also bad. The only good things were the dessert and the wine. We had veggie and non-veggie people at the table and both were disappointed with the quality of food. People in our party said that Thai Square and Blue Elephant would in hindsight have been better choices. Personally, I think our local Thai takeaway would have been best.

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 by Punkaj (26 reviews), 26 Sep 2007
Food OK to above average. Service very hit and miss - our side of the restaurant was a 'miss'. Most unpleasant and unattentive service I have experienced in a restaurant in this price range; would have been barely OK for a family-run neighbourhood restaurant. Would not recommend.

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 by terry3000, 14 Feb 2007
Saturday night: poor atmosphere, poor food (especially for the price)! Had a cocktail to start with - really not worth while. The starter was inedible. All too oily and heavy.

I am really surprised with the marking this place has got from some reviewers. To my mind, definitely a waste of time and money. One cocktail, a starter, a main course + a glass of wine about £45 per person.

Useful review?
 by rea (19 reviews), 21 Oct 2006
One of the best restaurants in London! Been there more than 10 times already and I've never had a bad experience.

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 by patoinuk (5 reviews), 15 Aug 2006
Best Thai restaurant in London hands down.

The decor is nice, and service excellent. The food is mouth-watering. The spices and herbs are toned down to suit european palette but still very tasty. I think if you want really good Thai food you have to go to Paris, you cannot beat the restaurants in the 13th arron.

So disregarding the authenticity of the food here, it's good enough to take your parents and enjoy a very nice meal.

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 by audrey (29 reviews), 18 Jun 2006
Fantastic Thai restaurant in London!

Loved the food (the spices and herbs were obviously paired down for European taste but still very delicious), the atmosphere was great (although can get rather noisy), and very attentive and friendly staff.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Jun 2006
Wow! What a place to be seen. Mixing with Ant and Dec and taking photos with them. Food superb.

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 by party goer, 03 Dec 2005
Too noisy. Extremely expensive for what it is, and not very friendly staff. However, the decor is kinda ok. I would not recommend it.

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 by nerikarra (7 reviews), 11 Sep 2005
Definitely a fine restaurant to dine in with excellent staff, beautiful decor and nicely presented food. Very pricey compared to other restaurants of around the same standard but really enjoyed the Lychee cocktail!

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 by JC05 (2 reviews), 12 Aug 2005
Not the best Thai food in London and certainly a little pricey, but good for a one-off visit. Not all staff spoke English, making the experience a little awkward!

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 by Minal, 08 Aug 2005
Fantastic restaurant, just loud and very buzzy, not for people wanting a very quiet intimate meal. The food and service is fantastic though!!

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 by Anonymous, 31 Mar 2005
It is authentic and although the presentation is very chic, the taste is very Thai. The combination works very well. It is the best Thai restaurant in London by far. I fly to Bangkok on a regular basis and Mango Tree's food is very close to Bangkok's cuisine.

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 by kaneb, 26 Feb 2005
Best Thai food I have eaten in England, try any of their soups and it will have you sitting there with wide eyes and a smile on your face. I like the decor and the staff were great.

The only reason I gave it a 4 was because it is quite pricey compared to other restaurants of a similar standard.

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 by Anonymous, 06 Nov 2004
I thought is was nicely decorated, but the service was slow and the food was tiny and the bill wasn't so small.

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 by common74, 08 Oct 2004
If you're a fan of Thai food you owe it to yourself to eat at Mango Tree. There are certainly more ornately designed Thai restaurants in London, but the food here is pretty spectacular and beautifully presented.

The cocktail bar near the entrance is also worth checking out before eating.

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 by up, 19 Apr 2004

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 09 Mar 2004
Mango Tree is one of the only Thai restaurants in London that combines opulent surroundings, beautifully presented thai food, and excellent service - a genuinely fine dining experience.

The only nagging issue I have with the Mango Tree is that there's a slightly cold atmosphere - I think its something to do with the huge room / high ceilings / widely spaced tables which makes it all seem rather hushed and reserved.

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 by ac (37 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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