Davenports Magic Shop

5-7 Charing Cross Underground Arcade
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7836 0408 Charing Cross 0.1 miles

Not specifically for kids, though they tend to love visits here. Davenports is mainly aimed at professional magicians but the staff are just as helpful to complete beginners.

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Davenports Magic Shop reviews

This place is amazing!

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 by ace h magic, 23 Sep 2006
I am a beginner and when I visited this shop I felt like a kid in a sweet shop.

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 by Anonymous, 22 Aug 2006
Any magic lover will love this shop.

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 by abboman, 16 Nov 2005
The staff at Davenports are fantastic, it's so much more useful to see the effects performed by someone before you buy them. As a professional it helps just to see everything in action to spark off ideas.

When I went in, I was treated with the utmost respect by one of the workers (I believe he was a Davenport) and when I returned to ask for help with one of the tricks I had bought, was very kindly talked through by one of their demonstrators who performed with a finesse I don't see amongst many of our younger magicians.

Definitely worth a visit by anyone interested in magic, from laypeople to seasoned professionals.

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 by John Terwell, 27 Sep 2005
I have shopped with Davenports since my father purchased my first 'big' magic tricks in 1945, when I was very young. Betty Davenport has always been more than helpful, as was her father George, before her. And when in London, the Davenport staff have the same courtesy and helpfulness.

60 years later I still shop at Davenports, though mainly by mail these days. You will always get satisfaction, quality and professionalism from this, the oldest and most established magic company in Britain. Certainly 10 out of 5.

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 by Allen T, 30 Jul 2005
It would probably be a 4.5 as they are a great shop but some of there employees really are shit at magic including the owner. There is this Chinese man who is really good.

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 by Anonymous, 08 May 2005
Even though it's a mission to get to I feel it is the best around and all the staff are friendly. My only wish is have a job there.

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 by Anonymous, 30 Mar 2005
The shop is AMAZING! I'd never been to a magic shop before and I spent about 2 hours inside the shop just looking at the displays and I was even treated to a bit of on-the-spot magic!

The staff were really friendly and helpful and I wish the shop all the best in the future.

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 by Nevanthi, 14 Mar 2005
I am a young magician and I heard from a number of table magic specialists that Davenport's was the place to go. The thing that I like about it is that they show you the tricks which is much better than reading descriptions on websites.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Feb 2005
Can't speak highly enough of them.

Staff very helpful and entertaining. Great.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Dec 2004
The staff are brilliant. They were all very willing to help. The full time shop demonstrator, 'James' was fantastic.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Dec 2004
Davenports is THE world's greatest magic shop. I have been a customer for a few years, and doing magic all my life, but I have never recieved a service that even comes close to that which Davenports offer, and to be open for 106 years, well Lewis Davenport would be proud!

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 by Anonymous, 09 Dec 2004
I'm just a young person starting out in magic. But god do I love this shop? It's great and It's got erm... EVERYTHING magic... EVER!

From Tamsyn. (13)

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 by Anonymous, 14 Nov 2004
It's a really good shop and it even feels magical - all dark and spooky. So yes, I really love Davenports.

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 by Anonymous, 12 Oct 2004
I am not a pro magician but I love this shop, it stocks almost anything you could ever want. I love this place!

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 by Anonymous, 13 Aug 2004

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