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With seven floors of gadgets and gizmos, the cute and the cuddly, the fun and the educational, Hamleys (‘largest toy store in the world') is a Mecca for the young and the young-at-heart. If you can't find what you came for it's most likely because of the diverting nature of all the flashing, talking, animated toys and games or the jostling crowds of noisy, over-excited kids.

Mon- Fri: 10am-8pm
Sat: 9:30am-8pm
Sun: 12pm-6pm

Hamleys London

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Very messy, overpriced shop. Assistants not helpful. Would not go again and will advise others not to go either. No magic there for children!

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 by Marnie, 14 Jan 2014
Worst customer care I have ever had. 12 weeks now and still waiting for replacement toy from Hamleys. The cost of calling them every week has overtaken price of toy bought and given to son for his 2nd birthday! It's becoming more of an obsession. PLEASE GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER HAMLEYS! Toys'R'Us next year methinks...

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 by acrepine80, 14 Feb 2012
Lots of stuff but nothing terribly exclusive... plus, expensive and overwhelming. FAO Swartz is better, and that's not saying much. Staff were friendly but too many were demonstrating/playing with the toys and it made it hard to get around the store. Only bought a few items and one we could have gotten directly at GAME. Overrated to our point of view...

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 by kenneys, 04 Feb 2011
We visited Hamleys in London 5 weeks ago and bought a lot of items (including the snazzy sticker set and the remote helicopter) for my kids for Christmas. On opening the sticker set half of the foil didn't stick and the helicopter has broken 4 times already. I am very disappointed with my purchases and won't be shopping in Hamleys again.

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 by ggpaterson326, 30 Dec 2010
I visited Hamleys last weekend and it was the low point of my weekend in London. At 46, I am old enough to remember Hamleys before it was ruined. My last visit was 25 years ago when the store was utterly enchanting, classy and traditional. I was looking forward to taking my 13-year-old daughter and was horrified at the tawdry tackiness of the place. It looks like a MacDonalds warehouse for Happy Meal toys. Who is responsible for the demise of this cherished store? Celebrate 250 years of Hamleys? I am in mourning for the loss of a lovely piece of English heritage.

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 by moggsy1, 28 Aug 2010
Went up to London to go to Lion King. Tickets all sold out so we went to Covent Garden and shopping. Visited Hamleys toy store and had a fantastic time. Assistants really helpful.

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 by charlenemcdaid92, 18 Aug 2010
We took our nephews there last Sunday. The boys live in Brighton and were so excited about visiting Hamleys. It turned out to be a huge disappointment though.

The stuff on the shelves was no different from the stuff you'd find at Toys 'R' Us, except with a bigger price tag. There was nothing unique or special about the merchandise. Some looked really cheap and tacky. The shop floor is poorly designed and shelves badly stocked. It really needs a makeover.

To make the whole experience even worse, the building isn't air-conditioned and though they had fans going it didn't help with the summer heat. Staff demonstrating the new merchandise around the escalators did not help with the flow of human traffic in the store. And I was hit by a flying boomerang twice on the same floor - thrown by one of their staff. I don't think throwing a boomerang in a very busy store is in accordance with health and safety regulations, is it?

Next time we'll just stick to Toys 'R' Us.

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 by benjyboo, 03 Aug 2010
Had a bad experience. Extremely rude staff. Bordering on racial discrimination.

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 by ravist, 23 Jun 2010
Very disappointed. Neither the range nor the service I got six years ago.

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 by reuben1, 29 May 2010
We took our 1-year-old and 4-year-old last October in half term. I am not one for complaining, but after hearing staff swearing openly in front of my children and then meeting the rudest shop assistant ever, I wrote a letter informing them of my experience. I have now written 2 further letters, without any response. Looks like another great British institution has fallen by the wayside.

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 by tmc03, 10 May 2010
We bought a remote control car (RC Ferrari Enzo - £35) only yesterday and within approx 3 hours of playtime the remote control broke. When telephoning the store the automated system cuts the line dead every time, no matter which option you choose. We live in Shropshire so unless customer services answer the phone we are stuck with a unusable toy and a very sad and disappointed little boy.

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 by ashley41gob, 30 Oct 2009
I had a problem in the store and when I came home I contacted customer service twice and am still waiting on a reply. They are quick to take your money - pity customer service weren't as quick to respond. Very very disappointed.

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 by ashley.hendry, 12 Oct 2009
Always wanted to visit Hamleys since I was a child. Took my three kids there last week. I've never been more disappointed in my life! Yes, they had a great range of toys, but nothing you couldn't get from your local Toys'R'Us. The toilets and baby changing facilities were the worst I experienced in my entire stay in London. Harrods toy department, on the other hand, offered most of the same toys plus other ranges from all over the world that I had never seen anywhere else. And they have a place where the children could actually stop and play. I'd go there if I were you.

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 by Fleur39, 26 Aug 2009
It's the best toy jungle ever for adults and children. But TOO expensive - you can get the same toy and have change left in other stores.

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 by fateh, 15 May 2008
My husband and I went to Hamleys last weekend and it was unbelievable! We had a great time and spent hours going through all the different floors. It's a truly magical place for both adults and kids. Very well staffed too.

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 by kellsstar, 07 Nov 2007
We travelled from the US this summer and one of our priorities was visiting Hamleys. While the costs were much higher than in the US, we had a great time playing and participating in all of the demonstrations. What a wonderful place!

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 by Diva, 02 Oct 2007
Wow! Toys galore! A bit more expensive than other shops, but all the toys were great.

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 by Anonymous, 17 Apr 2007
Absolutely amazing!

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 by Bobby543, 11 Apr 2007
Mahjong set great but instructions badly translated and unreadable. Even then there was no effort to tell how to play. Result: unusable game.

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 by Ludoman, 08 Jan 2007
Hamleys is brilliant. Best toy shop in London.

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 by Anonymous, 25 Nov 2006

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