Carnaby Street
Soho, London
W1F 7DW Oxford Circus 0.2 miles


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Although they have a good selection, you get the worst service ever at the Carnaby store. I would go there again but only for the sales.

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 by sonny1, 26 Apr 2012
Bought a pair of very limited shoes. Was surprised to find them in the first place, let alone in my size - but lo and behold they had them! Generally good selection (although some weeks I go it seems like nothing phases me there). The two staff that served me were more than helpful/polite. However, as previously mentioned, I think the manager takes himself a bit too seriously and does come off as pretty pretentious and rude.

Useful review?
 by ReZident, 20 Oct 2008
Have got a few pairs of trainers from here, and have to agree the service is shite and the staff think they're something else. (NEWS FLASH: You work in a sneaker shop FFS - you ain't nothing special.)

Useful review?
 by agostino.mark, 16 Oct 2008
What a useless shop - no sizes you want, you have to beg for service, and when you finally get a pair of trainers you find there are no laces. I would advise everyone stay clear. There are far better shops, with staff that want to help you.

Useful review?
 by aasmithr, 05 Oct 2008
Well every time I go in here, which is a lot, they always have a great selection of kicks. The clothes too are always good and everything they sell tends to be pretty exclusive. So you're not going to bump into people wearing the same thing as yourself. The service seemed fine to me, they were a little busy but always managed to serve me quickly.

Useful review?
 by shinchy (2 reviews), 26 Sep 2008
Service was terrible in the Soho branch. In Notting Hill, the Italian lady was very kind.

Useful review?
 by fe-silverman, 15 Apr 2008
Good selection but a bit too expensive - didn't really wanna pay £80 for the player edition AF1's (had them in Footlocker for £60). Go there but be prepared to pay. The downstairs clothing section is more why I go nowadays - some very cool stuff, including an all over print polo for £30 (I like that price).

The staff were nice except for one guy (the manager?) who was really rude and didn't get off the phone while talking to me - too busy talking to his mate. 'Ooo, look at me, I work in a cult footwear fashion shop in Carnaby'... No, you sell shoes.

Useful review?
 by hoggle, 12 Nov 2007
Most of the positive reviews for Size? are submitted by Anonymous. Perhaps this is because they are submitted by the hollow-cheeked barleys who work at Size? Just a thought.

Useful review?
 by NikeAir, 11 Nov 2007
Where are the Being Ian brand shoes?

Useful review?
 by catmarsupial, 06 Nov 2007
Appalling service, no help at all. I am a keen trainer collecter and buy trainers regularly. These guys, although cool, need to realise (and I hate to say this) their place. They work in a trainer shop - how dare they look down on a paying customer!

Useful review?
 by dogbreath, 20 Jul 2007
Rude, arrogant staff who do not seem to realise their job is to serve customers. I will go elsewhere in future. Better customer service training required if this company has any interest at all in improving sales.

Useful review?
 by MadMax, 11 Dec 2006
Bought a limited edition pair of retro Nike Internationalist trainers here. Have never seen a nicer pair of Nikes anywhere since. This shop has all the nicest trainers all in one place!

Useful review?
 by Big Den, 23 Sep 2006
Good trainers at all the Size? stores in the UK, but don't get why everyone says they are limited edition and exclusive. It's just a well marketed chain store with a decent choice and good service!

Useful review?
 by W10, 30 Aug 2006
The reason they don't always have the size you want is because they sell more limited sneakers, and sometimes do not get a full size run in store.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 26 Jul 2006
Really cool stuff, rare sneakers, great store for crazy shoppas.

Useful review?
 by ada.h, 14 Jun 2006
The best shop in Europe for sneakers. Can't wait to shop there again.

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 by dcdmq, 09 Jun 2006
It was a great shop and in the past I always bought trainers from Size? But have now been in three times, and even though I am size 10 and have picked three different trainers, they never have any of them in stock.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Jun 2006
Sorry, poor feedback here.

The lady who served me was lovely, but after the 8th (yes eighth) pair of trainers I asked to try on wasn't available in a 10, I realised it was more an art gallery than trainer outlet.

Useful review?
 by cKent, 29 Apr 2006
They will never have any trainer in your size.

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 by Anonymous, 28 Apr 2006
Please, please, please start selling online. The range of shoes is the best I know.

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 by Roenaldo, 20 Apr 2006

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