One of a Kind

253 Portobello Road
Notting Hill, London
W11 1LR
Tel: 020 7792 5853 Ladbroke Grove 0.2 miles

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So bad that they do not keep to their stated opening times: 10.00-18.00, but by two o'clock still no one at the shop. We came all the way from Norway to spend A LOT of money for our vintage store. Their loss, we found Blondie instead!

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 by Chanel (2 reviews), 01 Sep 2011
Love, love, love this joint with a passion!! I have bought many one-off pieces over the years. The store owner sure knows his s***! That's all I can say.

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 by apolina, 16 Feb 2011
The only mad people on here are broke... so don't hate, appreciate. I got three beautiful vintage LV bags and one lovely 1970s dress and a pearl necklace. The staff were truly warm and made me want to spend all my money. I was in heaven in the 'secret room'. I will go back the very minute I get back to London.

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 by Kamari, 28 Jan 2011
One of a kind, yes it's way overpriced and you can find a lot of the items way cheaper, in fact i have, and in better condition. Doesn't change the fact that it's a great store with great vintage clothing and bags. Owner always been very nice and helpful to me.

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 by monday, 05 Aug 2009
The shop has lots of goodies, but I do believe it is unreasonably priced, especially given the terrible way in which they care for their merchandise (it looks like it's been thrown around, inch-thick with dust and unloved).

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 by lwckirsty (4 reviews), 21 Jun 2009
Love this store!!

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 by ellenaz, 08 Apr 2009
Some of the best vintage pieces that I have ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on come from this enchanting store. I felt the magic as soon as I walked through the door. The staff were very professional, albeit down to earth. I ended up buying a couple of 'gems' that I will treasure forever! I'll be back!!

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 by pascal, 15 Mar 2009
I just had a look, and most of the clothes were great - excellent pieces, listed according to the decade they belong. However, the prices were extremely high. Maybe after a long search you can find something worth buying. But I think they have just taken advantage of the shop's fame and celebrity customers. I'm sure equally good clothes could be found for a much more reasonable price. I'll visit again when I'm rich and famous!

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 by liapakos (2 reviews), 08 Jan 2009
Too many stunning pieces here!!

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 by princess2, 26 Oct 2008
Super cool shop, super cool staff. Felt so welcome. I was out window shopping but ended up buying a vintage Louis Vuitton bag. Awesome! Great discovery.

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 by Panda7, 17 May 2008
I cannot begin to tell you how much fun my mother and I had in the secret room at the rear of the shop. Felt as though we'd died and gone to heaven, floating amidst a sea of magical, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping pieces! I bought a 1950s dress which looked like it had been created by fairies. Can't wait to go back!

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 by jordanz, 13 Mar 2008
This is one of the worst vintage shops around in London. Great names to choose from but very overpriced. You are better off going to Brick Lane and finding REAL bargains.

As for the staff, I found one of them the rudest I have ever come across. He must have forgotten the fact that just because he has been pictured with the stars, it doesn't make him one!

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 by shivvy, 26 Jan 2008
I love this shop and I dare say that I'm addicted to it. I pop in whenever I'm in the area. This is one shop I really feel so welcome in. So glad I discovered it. The 'creme de la creme' of vintage!

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 by Pinksun, 17 Nov 2007
I do have to say I got the most fab vintage Chanel bag, but the prices were a bit ridiculous and, sadly, the staff a tad pretentious. Can find way better vintage where I'm from (Up-State New York).

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 by eackley, 11 Nov 2007
One word: 'Wow!' This shop is beyond cool.

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 by unerose, 24 Sep 2007
I have never known a vintage shop to carry so many stunning pieces. Everywhere you look you find another gem. Normally in most vintage shops you have to sift through a lot of rubbish to find one or two decent pieces. Not in here! I was particularly impressed by the quality and condition of the clothes. I bought a stunning Pucci dress and a to-die-for Chanel bag. I will be back for more. Lovin' the staff too.

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 by seaquin, 27 Aug 2007
Hot shop! Very cool staff!

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 by Gemgem, 17 Jul 2007
Fantastic vintage shop! The staff are very attentive and know a lot about each piece in the shop. Very expensive but if you book in advance you can go into the VIP shop where they hide the really special pieces. Will definitely be back!

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 by nexthammertime (6 reviews), 15 Jul 2007
I loved this shop, it's absolutely amazing! The amount of great pieces were just unbelievable. Price range is reasonable. If money was no object I would live in this place. I think my luck is about to change, so hopefully there'll see more of me!

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 by TVSTAR, 22 Jun 2007
Love it! Stunning pieces!

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 by Pearly (2 reviews), 17 Jun 2007

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