8 Golborne Road
Ladbroke Grove, London
W10 5NW
Tel: 020 8962 0089 Westbourne Park 0.4 miles


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Overpriced shop with a loud man's voice taking the joy out of my shopping mood! Waste of time. Will not spend time there when I'm next in London treasure hunting for my vintage store.

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 by Chanel (2 reviews), 03 Sep 2011
I went, I saw and I left with a stunning Vivienne Westwood handbag. Everything about Rellik is fab, the staff were polite and extremely helpful. I will definitely be going back in the hope that the owner will show me his vast VW collection!

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 by LPCJG, 10 Jun 2008
Not bad, yet far from wonderful...

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 by gogo2, 28 Jul 2007
Large shop, little stock! If I wanted minimalist and sparse I would go to Bond St or Sloane St for new pieces. Vintage should mean exactly that, instead of trying to be something it's not. I'm a stylist and I did not get that treasure trove feeling in here. Been to far better vintage shops.

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 by Deedee4, 18 Jun 2007
This (apart from Beyond Retro) is the best store I have visited yet for one-off pieces. The pricing was great, with items ranging from £30 to £1000. The changing room was nice too. Found a really lovely yellow dress, unworn, which I may buy as it's well worth £75. Just wish the shop was bigger so they could stock even more clothes!

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 by Emily4 (4 reviews), 05 Jun 2007
Been to far better vintage shops. I'm surprised Kate Moss goes on about it!

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 by lydia1 (5 reviews), 02 May 2007
My friend brought me here to buy my birthday gift, since she knows I have a true passion for vintage. We left empty-handed. Nothing special at all.

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 by Anonymous, 18 Apr 2007
Disappointed to say the least. Just no charm or magic in here.

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 by kimbilly (2 reviews), 23 Mar 2007
The best place to be if you love beautiful things. Really relaxed way to shop, so take time to try.

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 by Anonymous, 14 Mar 2007
Cold staff. Very poor vintage pieces.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Mar 2007
I have always been into vintage, but also contemporary design. This shop bridges the gap between vintage and modern. The new shop fit leaves the store feeling more like a designer boutique than an Alladin's treasure trove. The staff are great and on trend. This is the only vintage store in London that has a consideration for current trend, style and fashion. I guess that's why so many stylists and designers use this store as a valuable resource. Keep up the excellent work.

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 by Dick Tiger (12 reviews), 27 Jan 2007
I have always been into vintage clothing but I must say that I find this store extremely bland and unoriginal. False and irritable staff too.

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 by Brenna (2 reviews), 26 Jan 2007
Good place to go if you want vintage clothing that is in excellent condition, and the high prices reflect this. Not much in the way of accessories, except jewellery. Lots of space to move around.

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 by greengirl, 11 Jan 2007
Love it! Just read an interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar saying that she loves shopping here when she's in London.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Oct 2006
Staff are too kind and will help you if you ask. Great items, by Dior, Pucci, Biba, Ossie Clark and of course Vivienne Westwood. Totally worth a visit.

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 by Coconuts, 01 Jul 2006
Awesome, an excellent range of vintage VW and many other rare&cute items!

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 by Anonymous, 10 Mar 2006
Very nice staff, the best vintage fashions in London. Very cool!

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 by Anonymous, 16 Aug 2005
Amazing, totally cool. Talk to the staff and they'll find you some gems!

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 by jeff, 12 Aug 2005
This place rocks! There is no better vintage clothing store- they are modern vintage - up to date, and the best quality. They really know their stuff!

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 by Anonymous, 12 Apr 2005
The Rellik website is really bad - it gives you no idea of what clothes are available, as well as taking ages to load!

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 by Anonymous, 03 Apr 2005

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