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Crystal Members Club Crystal Members Club (Members' Club)
27 December 2008

I'm sorry, but I don't know what everyone is on about! I went with a group of friends for the first time, 7 guys in total and not a single lady. None of us had been there before. We booked a table beforehand and were a bit nervous after reading all the reviews. To our surprise, we found the staff at the door to be polite as they let us through with hardly any problems. (They gave us a bit of grief, but that was expected since we were 7 guys.) We didn't queue for more than 2 minutes before being ushered to our table by a beautiful lady and handed drink menus. The table was amazing and everything was prepared before hand. They had all the bottles we needed and they didn't try to throw us off with the more expansive options. Every ten or twenty minutes they brought fresh glasses, cleaned the table and brought ice when needed. The club wasn't as packed as I would like it to be, but after 2am the place had people bouncing of the wall. I had an amazing time and will definitely come back again and again.

The best thing about this place was that is had a lot of space to move around and dance about, and the bathrooms weren't crowded. Only minus, the DJ could have been better.

A piece of advice for anyone who wants to go to this club, if you're not a usual around high-end London member nightclubs or just don’t want to pay the 700, 800 or even 1000+ pounds for a table, then you shouldn't bother yourself with these places. Remember to always be polite to the bouncers, and if they do you a favor, then tip them properly.

P.S. I have never seen this many beautiful "normal" girls in any other club I've been too.

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Maddox Maddox (Members' Club)
10 December 2008

What you'd expect of any other high-end London club.

Went there with a bunch of friends. Have been away from the London club scene for a long long time and didn't appreciate the lady at the door. After the bouncers let us through, she made it a point to ruin my night. But as always we got our way and we did end up in the club. No table of course, as the place was packed to the max.

I might have grown out of it, but I preferred hanging out in the smoking garden than the club itself. Way too crowded and folks falling from table tops and down stairs.

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Fabric Fabric (Club)
25 July 2006

A clubber's club.

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Aura Aura (Bar)
25 July 2006

You may want to give this spot a pass if you can't stomach the £11 vodka mixer. For those of you blessed with a six-figure salary or rich parents, this place is for you.

Though it has been around for years, Aura continues to impress. You need to know when to go (dead on Thursday, mad on Friday), and who to go with (the most beautiful and best-dressed of your friends). Try to get there a bit early if you don't have a table; the place is a restaurant and reaches capacity at around 1.00. Door policy is typical of any West End members' club, so expect to queue or be sent away.

If you're able to get in, prepare to go mad and jump onto table tops, which double as dance floors! Once the great music gets loud and the alcohol starts pouring, the crazy beautiful international crowd tear the place apart.

Given how expensive drinks are, it's probably worth paying the £500 minimum spend on a table. At least you'll get your own table to dance on!

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Eclipse Eclipse (Bar)
04 May 2006

Mixed feeling about this place. Yes it's full of pretentious people, the drinks are expensive and the bouncers are rude. It's very small and crowded and you may end up standing. If you don't often these sort of places then Eclipse isn't for you.

For me, I like it, it has a nice crowd, a mix of the Chelsea and internationals. People are beautiful, a lot of socializing going on, and the cocktails are pretty good. If you're a regular the staff will be nice and friendly. It helps if you tip.

Perfect place to meet friends on weekdays or pre-club drinks on weekends.

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All Star Lanes All Star Lanes (Bar / Diner / Indoor Sports Venue)
04 May 2006

Amazing fun time. I can't wait to go back. Only problem is there aren't many bowling lanes so it could take forever to get a chance to play. Best to book a lane ahead of time.

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Nobu Berkeley Nobu Berkeley (Restaurant)
04 May 2006

Great decor - not Hakkasan, but still great. The bar was nicely laid out and had amazing cocktails. The service was probably the best so far in London. Waiter was very helpful and friendly. The food... it's Nobu.

Only problem was how the tables were laid out upstairs. Some tables seemed a bit overcrowded. Maybe dimming the lights a bit would help.

If you haven't been there yet then you need to make this place next on your list.

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Umbaba Umbaba (Club)
04 May 2006

Nice decor and lay-out. Good door staff. Good boy-girl ratio and clean bathrooms. That's about it. Really think the place is overrated.

Drinks were really bad, bar tender didn't seem to know what he was doing. Some VIP tables are badly laid-out, smack on the dance floor leaving no space to dance. The crowd was filled with a bunch of "try-hards" who didn't seem really used to the London club scene. No real international crowd. Stayed there for less than an hour.

To be fair, it was a Thursday. I might give the place a second chance on a weekend.

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Crazy Bear Crazy Bear (Bar)
04 May 2006

When I first walked in I thought I was in a pub. Then I realized this is more of an English restaurant. I had to ask someone if I was really at Crazy Bear since the decor doesn't say "Thai."

The service is good and helpful. The cocktails were great and they had a good wine list. The food was similar to any other good Thai place for the same price. The decor is comfortable and quiet and seems to appeal more to the older crowd. It's perfect for a date but don't go there with a group of your friends.

Make sure you visit the bar downstairs for drinks, younger crowds tend to like the lounge downstairs better.

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Roka Roka (Restaurant / Restaurant)
21 April 2006

The food is really so good that you can't seem to stop ordering more. The service is ok. A bit crowded and laid back, great for a relaxing time with friends.

Book as early as possible, they are full on each day of the week.

Try the bar downstairs, very hip place with great drinks.

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Shochu Lounge Shochu Lounge (Bar)
21 April 2006

(No Comment)

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Chinawhite (Club)
06 April 2006

For a club that's been around for at least 5 years, Chinawhite is still going strong.

I went there on a Wed night and had a great time. Chinawhite was much more than what I had expected.

Doormen and staff, who I expected to be extremely rude, were very friendly. The club's décor is probably the best in all of London clubs; all the white and red dragons, Asian umbrellas and beach stones in the bathroom are unique to any other club I've been to. The drinks are really good, prices similar to any other London club.

The clients, probably the most beautiful I've seen in any London club and it wasn't even a weekend. I seriously could not tell the staff from the clubbers, everyone was gorgeous and perfect ratio of guys to girls. Even some footballers.

After my first visit, I can see why Chinawhite is still open. I'm definitely going back next Wed.

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Lucky Voice Karaoke Lucky Voice Karaoke (Bar)
31 March 2006

Just an amazing time with good friends. They have a huge selection of songs and great drinks. We tried the food, which to our surprise was really good.

Maybe a bit expensive but worth the good laugh.

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Asia de Cuba Asia de Cuba (Restaurant / Restaurant)
10 March 2006

Just amazing food. Amazing service. Amazing bar. I am going back very soon.

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Mo*vida Mo*vida (Club / Members' Club)
10 March 2006

Pretty much everyone I know talks about Movida and how great it is. So right after a good Saturday dinner, a friend and I decided to check it out. Even though I wasn't really feeling it, I had to get the Movida craze out of my system.

I arrive there to see three gorgeous girls literally on one knee begging the bouncer to let them in. The queue wasn't that long because the doormen were telling people to get lost. I stood there with my very beautiful friend and had to wait about 30 minutes, until two more female friends arrived, for them to let us in. Off course the doorman expected a big tip for not letting us queue.

I go to the dance floor, and within 2 minutes am walking outside towards the door. It was filled with smelly, sweaty, 18 yr old guys. I've never smelt a club this bad in London. On our way out we saw this side bar, restaurant bar I think, so we decided to hang out there with a bit of an older crowd who couldn't put up with all the kids on the dance floor. Since it was already late we decided not to stay long. It took us 30 minutes just to get our coats.

There are beautiful people and good music, but other London clubs offer much more. I expected more from the "best" club in London and it was not really as exclusive as I thought it would be. My advice is to try to get in with a table and on weekdays rather then weekends.

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Funky Buddha Funky Buddha (Club)
17 February 2006

Like with all other clubs in London, if you've got cash and fun friends you'll have a great time.

We booked a table on a Saturday night, since this was the only club in London who had table at 10pm. We went in, a group of 6, and were welcomed by a friendly manager who took us right away to our table.

The waiter was very helpful. Drinks were what I expected in any West End club. The fast service was definitely a plus. Nice mixed crowd, great music, lovely decor...

Only thing I hated was that they charged us £10 at the door. I wouldn't mind paying it, but when you book a VIP table and are expected to throw away half a grand or more it would be nice if they let you in for free!

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