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Fortnum and Mason Fortnum and Mason (Department Store / Food Hall)
30 October 2007

Good products, decent environment, especially above the food floors (but even there space and layout seems to have improved after refurb).

But... service generally poor. Dear Fortnums, stop hiring hordes of 16-year-old YTS kids from the local secondary school, and start employing decent staff trained in customer service skills. That goes for the shop and for the restaurants.

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Manna Manna (Restaurant)
29 October 2007

Food very good, although pudding (organic fruit crumble) a touch stodgy. Mains a bit underflavoured, but reasonable portions. Possibly rather overpriced for what you get, however. Charged us extra to substitute icecream for cream on our desserts (without informing us), which was annoying. Hey-ho... stitching up the customer seems to be a London restaurant requirement these days.

Service perfunctory. Nothing wrong with it, but could have done with a bit of warmth. Brought a bottle of wine when we only asked for a glass, but otherwise courses were prompt and accurate.

Great location, convenient and pretty. Restaurant was fairly crowded but not at all packed, and the atmosphere was quite pleasant. All in all, a good experience - probably the best food and dining experience of the London veggie restaurants (E + 2 Veg comes close) - but just seemed to lack that little bit of sparkle to take it over the top into 'excellent' territory.

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Ladurée Ladurée (Cafe)
07 August 2007

OK place, shame it's in Harrods - tacky, tasteless, run by a loony and the only department store in London still selling fur. If Laduree had any sense they would move into Selfridges.

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Gerry's Gerry's (Spirits Shop)
08 June 2007

Impossible to browse properly because of the layout of the shop. Apart form that, fine.

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The Bentley (Hotel)
08 June 2007

I stayed here recently with my wife. Service was initially OK, but things went way downhill from there. The jacuzzi bath in our room (touted above) was broken (and obviously so, had they checked before hand), and the 'entertainment system' was barely functional (although we could get a few fuzzy TV channels). We were eventually moved to another, better room, although it took 1.15 hours for them to find this room (in their own hotel) seemingly because "the computer is broken".

When we went down for a drink at 9.30 at night (9.30!) the bar was shut (!) as was the restaurant. I've never known the likes of it, and other guests were equally bemused. Service was OK, although the night concierge especially, whilst seemingly well-meaning, lacked professionalism. Breakfast was mediocre and considerably worse than that available in other cheaper (and supposedly inferior) hotels. The rooms (and the hotel in general) were indeed quiet - because the place was virtually empty. Other guests have voted with their feet, I would advise you to do likewise.

Should not be marketing itself as a 5* hotel - it simply isn't. Deeply disappointing and a waste of money. Simply put, don't go.

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Raison d'Être (Cafe)
23 April 2007

Um... why is this the 12th nicest thing in the city? As a cafe, I would suggest it's slightly above run-of-the-mill, but no more than that. It's a place to buy a coffee and a croissant. Do not expect to be amazed.

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