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$ $ (Bar)
09 March 2009

In general I really like this place - it's somewhere I go back to quite often considering it's so far from home. The cocktails are nice (although I agree that if you want one within 20 mins on a Saturday night you can whistle) and the food upstairs is pretty good too. BUT... the unisex bogs are utterly rank, so it loses a couple of stars for the stinky.

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The Eagle (Gastro Pub / Pub)
02 February 2009

I went to The Eagle for a friend's birthday lunch yesterday, and was on the receiving end of the single worst dining experience I have ever had.

I'm afraid I can't say anything about the food here, because it never arrived. Out of a group of 9 people I was the first to order and pay for my food. About 15 mins later 2 of my friends got their meals, about 15 mins after that 3 others of the party got theirs (not great but not too disastrous), but the remaining four of us still hadn't been served more than an hour later. I am not joking - we ordered at about 2.05, and we still hadn't been served at 3.15. I actually ended up not having lunch because I was so p***ed off with being fobbed off by the waiter - who kept telling us our food was 'just coming' when it obviously wasn't - that I told them to forget it.

To her credit the manageress, when I found her and complained, was very nice and apologetic when I brought it to her attention, and gave us free drinks and brought some free bread and cheese for me. But she didn't really have a good explanation for why the kitchen had just seemingly decided not to cook the meals we'd ordered - she just said they'd been very busy. I'm afraid that really didn't wash, because loads of people who had arrived after us got their meals, and neither she nor any of the other staff had even noticed that we hadn't been served, let alone came to explain why. Not one of them.

The one star is for the manageress' apology, but that was the only thing they did even vaguely right. Shocking.

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