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Jones & Payne Jones & Payne (Hair Salon)
11 January 2012

I was really dubious about the salon, as all the good reviews seemed too good to be true. Sadly enough, I spent ages reading through online comments and the profiles of the hairdressers online and decided to go with it and book with Craig. For a guy, I'm really fussy about my hair; I was also gearing up to visit my other half in the US and wanted something great - so was very nervous.

My worry wasn't put to rest, to be honest. Craig hardly said anything and barely listened when I told him what I wanted. He said he knew what I meant and that he'd get on with it. I just hoped he could back up his confidence... and he could. The haircut was fantastic - he really took his time and it was exactly what I wanted. Probably one of the best cuts I've had in a long time, and I was so happy when I left. I saw him cutting the hair of the woman before me, and he looked like an absolute pro.

On the downside, wasn't offered a drink at all, let alone one of those cakes people seemed to keep mentioning. However, I wanted a good cut and - despite my thirst, Craig's silence or seeming overconfidence - it was better than I could have hoped.

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Fordham Soho Fordham Soho (Hair Salon)
10 October 2011

I really wouldn't recommend this place. I expected so much more for the cost. I'd had a great cut recently, but being a temporary visitor to London, I was keen to pay for something which I knew would be good. The result wasn't at all what I wanted - I'll need it redone again in just a few weeks. For the amount I paid, I felt totally cheated. Won't be going back. The search for a good salon continues...

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