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Coco de Mer Coco de Mer (Adult Shop / Lingerie Shop / Gift Shop)
16 March 2006

I found the staff snooty and disinterested. The products were unbelievably overpriced and the range not very good. I wasn't exactly dressed well (a bit flustered/ just finished work) but I was not made to feel welcome at all. I won't go back.

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Sh! Sh! (Adult Shop)
16 March 2006

I went to Sh! for the first time probably about 10 years ago(!) and I returned last week (actually this site reminded me the fab place was there).

I found the staff just as friendly and welcoming as I'd remembered - in fact they probably seemed more knowledgeable and the coffee was better (it used to be instant in those days - now it's filter!).

I've travelled all over the world and I've never been to a shop that is so welcoming, cosy, lovely - just totally brilliant. I spent a few hours there browsing and nobody tutted once! It's my favourite shop and I am SO glad that I rediscovered it (so is my boyfriend!).

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