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Yauatcha Yauatcha (Restaurant / Restaurant)
10 March 2009

All I can say is, this is the best place for dim sum. Order the prawn and date dumpling, venison puff, shanghai dumplings, crispy duck roll...

It's a bit noisy if you're going with friends to have a chat, as you'll probably have to shout to be heard. But other than that it's fine and - most importantly - the food is great. The service has slacked a bit since they opened many years ago, but its popularity has perhaps affected this as it can get really busy.

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One One (Boutique)
11 September 2008

This is my favourite shop in the world. I could just live here and go through the clothes all day long and would never get bored. I love it so much that I wish I owned it. All the pieces are one-offs, including customised vintage dresses and accessories. I have been to so many boutiques around the world but this is number ONE. Love it!!

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Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent (Designer Shop / Handbag Shop / Menswear Shop)
29 November 2006

Best handbags and shoes in the world. A cut above the rest.

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