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Giant Robot Giant Robot (Bar / Diner)
18 May 2011

Plenty of great nights here. Also serves a mean full English breakfast at the weekends.

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Aqua Nueva Aqua Nueva (Spanish Restaurant)
29 October 2010

Takes a little while to get to your table due to the lift, reception, walkway from Kyoto / bar area to Nueva, handover to Nueva reception, and so on - Aqua London is a huge operation but the friendly and well organised staff stop it becoming impersonal. The whole place is pretty glamorous and the rooftop bar areas are fantastic.

We sat in the main restaurant area rather than the tapas bar, but decided to order tapas-style anyway, 3 starters each. All were enjoyable, some were exceptional. Great wine list and good advice from the sommelier too.

Very impressed overall and would definitely eat here again. Look forward to trying the Japanese restaurant next time.

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Canteen Canteen (Restaurant)
17 November 2009

As per the other branches, this Canteen serves decent food, looks nice, reasonable service, etc. I guess it's slightly less exciting than it was when the first one opened, but it's still a much better option than the big chains on the other (river) side of the Royal Festival Hall, although the view is better there.

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Bureau Bureau (Members' Club)
17 November 2009

I was invited here by a business associate who's a member. It's not huge and slightly hidden away but the service, drinks and atmosphere were all great.

Not sure how you get an invitation to join or how much it costs, but I'd certainly consider it.

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The Bingham The Bingham (Restaurant)
29 July 2009

Great view and good food. We enjoyed a family Sunday lunch on the terrace and would definitely return.

Lack of parking was an annoyance, but appreciate it's not something they can easily fix in that part of Richmond.

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Kyashii Kyashii (Bar / Restaurant)
16 September 2008

I dined at Kyashii a few weeks after it opened and was pleasantly surprised by the brilliant cooking. I assumed it would be primarily a bar with a restaurant attached, and consequently didn't expect much from the restaurant, but the food definitely deserves a visit on its own merits.

So food-wise hard to fault. Service was good, decor impressive, but perhaps a few too many fish tanks and slightly labyrinthine layout; I got slightly lost after the second bottle of wine.

Top floor bar was pretty good too.

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East River Spa East River Spa (Spa)
16 June 2008

Great place to enjoy some relaxation and pampering if you're near Canary Wharf. It's very calm, nicely designed, clean and the spa facilities are excellent. I loved my treatment and also enjoyed relaxing afterwards looking out over the o2 dome and the river.

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b dental b dental (Dentist)
28 May 2008

A great modern and contemporary practice. Staff were welcoming and the treatment was painless and as pleasant as you can hope a visit to the dentist to be.

Good choice of magazines in the waiting area and it's all very pleasingly designed, so I found the whole place quite relaxing. You can also watch a DVD during your treatment if you like.

I'd definitely recommend it to others.

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Stuart Phillips Stuart Phillips (Hair Salon)
01 May 2007

Had a long, fantastic head massage followed by a great cut from Stuart himself here. Friendly staff and great service in an attractive salon - highly recommended.

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Pearl Pearl (Restaurant)
10 December 2006

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Pearl. The service, decor, bar, wine and food all combined to make it a night to remember and somewhere I'd recommend without hesitation.

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Village East Village East (Restaurant)
06 April 2006

Ate here during its first week when you could have forgiven some teething troubles but we had a superb meal.

The menu's divided into meat, fish, vegetarian and salads, each of which are split into starters and mains. There are simple but perfectly prepared dishes such as grilled lobster and chips or steak frites as well as more "fine dining" options and everything we tried was excellent. Good wine list too - will be definitely be back.

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John Soane Museum (Museum)
22 August 2005

Bizarre, entertaining and educational. It's free to enter (but make a donation) and definitely worth a trip. Soane collected a remarkable range of art and archaeological artifacts from Europe, Egypt and beyond and left them all for us to marvel at.

Its relative obscurity makes it all the more special and most people I know who've visited encourage others to check it out - a great example of "hidden London".

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Berry Bros & Rudd Berry Bros & Rudd (Wine Merchant)
24 July 2005

Consistently great wine merchant. Staff are always happy to advise whatever size the order and have gone out of their way to help me track down wines they don't stock, even when it's clear they weren't going to make a sale themselves.

I was given a selection of 12 reds chosen by Berry Brothers recently and plan to buy it a second time for myself, as the choices were so varied and enjoyable.

The courses in the cellar are also great and sometimes include lunch in the impressive Napoleon cellar and an interesting talk about the history of the shop.

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Villandry Villandry (Delicatessen)
18 February 2005

Delicious range of snacks, sweets, cheeses, meats, wines and much more. Flower shop and attached bar / restaurant are great too. I wish I had one nearby.

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Le Gavroche Le Gavroche (Restaurant / Restaurant)
18 February 2005

Indisputably one of London's finest. Classic in every sense, with warm, efficient service and a fantastic wine list.

It's fairly formal (men should apparently wear jackets) and it's not cheap, but definitely worth a visit.The 7 course set menu was great - magnificent deserts too.

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May Fair Spa May Fair Spa (Spa)
07 February 2005

I recently visited and was impressed with the different range of treatments and rooms available. It's well designed and doesn't feel like an add-on to a hotel - it's a decent spa in its own right.

They analysed my skin and recommended a facial based on my specific needs - very effective and very relaxing treatment.

The other parts of the spa are great too - there's a clever scented shower system, a big dispenser of crushed ice next to the sauna and a wonderfully calm room to relax with a cup of fruit tea after your treatment.

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