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Hawksmoor Hawksmoor (Steak Restaurant)
17 February 2012

Steak: it's a piece of meat on a white plate. Nice enough... but come on, this isn't cooking. Bearnaise... maybe they should learn how to make it (I could teach them). Sides? OK-ish.

Service nice but very pushy on spending. Rude when you ask for a Chateaubriand 600g for 2 to say, "Sorry, but we have only 700g -is that ok?". Cheeky.

Never again. I like real food and real creativity in cooking. Here it's for people who eat to survive, not to appreciate. Shame to waste such amazing decor with that kind of food.

And on top of that, it's one of the noisiest restaurants I've been to in the UK. Good luck if you're trying to hear your dining companions... and get ready for aspirin.

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The Easton The Easton (Gastro Pub)
08 July 2011

Quite a regular in this pub, as live not too far away. I have to say, it's one of the best pubs for evening. Talented service, really good and creative dishes. Nice wine list and service perfect. A little bit more 'rough' over the weekend, though the Sunday roasts are nice and full of flavour.

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The Cow (Pub / Gastro Pub)
22 January 2011

Oh my god, a gem! Great atmosphere, and the food on the first floor is simply fantastic. The cote de boeuf and the venison were just unbelievable, plus there's a not too pricey selection of wonderful oysters. I'll be back... I love it!

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The Ledbury The Ledbury (Restaurant)
24 September 2010

Really nice diner, a very pleasant surprise. All here represents good value and the food is really amazing. I’ll certainly go back there.

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The Gun The Gun (Gastro Pub)
03 August 2008

Lovely view of the river but pretentious bar staff and food is good but way overpriced. It's only a pub after all!

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Busaba Eathai Busaba Eathai (Restaurant)
25 June 2008

One of my regular venues. The food is really good. Thai calamari is a must-try, as are prawn pomelo and the padham chicken (best in town). Good selection of beers and wines. So if you want something tasty that's quick and good value, check it out!

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Glass Glass (Hair Salon)
04 June 2008

My local for the last 2 years now. The best in town. Go for it!

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Yauatcha Yauatcha (Restaurant / Restaurant)
09 February 2007

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L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Restaurant)
09 February 2007

'Brilliant', 'perfection', 'flavoursome', 'conceptual' - all words I'd use about this place. Nothing more to say, really, except check it out. But be careful... all of the above have a price!

I downgrade the restaurant on the fact that I've recently been very disappointed by the service. Some facts can be accepted when you're a 1 star Michelin, but not with 2 stars.

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Bleeding Heart Bleeding Heart (Restaurant / Restaurant)
05 February 2007

I'm a regular there. Good food, good service, good selection of prices. Definitely recommend it.

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