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Milroy's Milroy's (Spirits Shop)
13 July 2010

Oh dear, no no no! Would rather spend a day with high trouser man at the Vintage House. Nothing more to add.

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Vintage House Vintage House (Spirits Shop)
13 July 2010

What a gem of a shop! I have been visiting Soho for over twenty years and have only lately found out this place exists. Yes, there are some peculiar staff working here but they do know their trade.

If you are an enthusiast of malt whisky it should be an obligation to search this shop out. The whisky room at the back of the shop has floor-to-ceiling display cabinets full of reasonably priced malts, and at the end of the room is a staggering arrangement of collector's malts.

As mentioned in many of the comments below, the guy with the high trousers (surely there is a health and safety issue here?) is creepy. He was dealing with a young man who required a birthday gift, and talk about patronising... But the guy that I was served by was very knowledgeable on the subject of malt and rum.

They had a very nice Ardbeg on sample when I was there, which I purchased and received a complimentary Ardbeg glass.

The icing on the cake for me was the rum selection. I have never seen such a selection, (e.g. Mount Gay Tricentennial, never seen in this country). I am not convinced that they are presenting the rums for optimum effect though - it is a bit scrappy and I am sure they are missing an X FACTOR here.

High trouser man aside, what a shop!

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