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Coco de Mer Coco de Mer (Adult Shop / Lingerie Shop / Gift Shop)
20 March 2004

As an averagely sexually obsessed young man, I've longed for a shop in which to purchase sex toys without feeling like a sad old anorak when I leave. Coco de Mer has relieved that longing.

It's not a huge shop, and if you're after 12 inch swivelling multi-headed plastic devices, you should try the regular sex shops in Soho. Coco de Mer has nice staff who give you straight-forward advice, have a laugh with you and wrap your £100 crystal dildo in an attractive box with pretty ribbons. Perfect.

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The Castle The Castle (Climbing Wall)
08 March 2004

I'd recommend this to anybody looking for a thrilling way to get fit and have fun. We booked a Sunday afternoon beginners' session and were taken through all the safety precautions and climbing fundamentals before being let anywhere near a climbing wall.

We then did a few simple climbs to get used to it, before a break for lunch in the cafe. Can't say the cafe was the last word in fine dining, but then all I wanted was to eat something before attacking the big walls, and a toasted cheese and tomato sarnie did the job perfectly well.

From there on our lovely teacher assigned us increasingly difficult walls whilst occasionally rubbing it in that she had better upper body strength than all of us put together as none of us could tackle the big overhangs.

After the course you can come without tuition and build up the strength and skill to scale their hardest walls, knowing you've got the safety angle sussed. I've been back once a month since then and can't think of a more enjoyable form of exercise. Don't expect your arms to work normally the next day though!

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Floatworks Floatworks (Therapy Centre)
08 March 2004

I've been coming here for the last 8 years, in their earlier location on Clink Street, and in this newer, larger venue.

As long as you're not prone to claustrophobia, I'd recommend this to anybody. On my first visit I remember thinking that it was somewhat mundane and boring until I left Floatworks and then realised that I felt ecstatic and totally wasted (in a good way). I spent half an hour blissfully wandering around looking at the Thames and Southwark Cathedral before feeling ready to face the hustle and bustle of London.

I'm sure everybody reacts differently, but I find that floating helps my general wellbeing in many ways and also helps me concentrate when I have problems to solve in work or my personal life. If I lived or worked nearer I'd be there every week.

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen Gourmet Burger Kitchen (Diner)
08 March 2004

I'd given up on burgers and succumbed to my girlfriend's healthy ways until I discovered this place. As it was an isolated incident I thought I was safe as long as I avoided Northcote Road. Then they opened one in Fulham, near my sister's house. Then Hamburger Union (see link on the right) opened 3 doors down from my office.

Suffice to say I've recently become an expert on gourmet burgers, and as the name suggests, the Gourmet Burger Kitchen serves damn fine burgers.

They offer roughly a dozen variations and you can add your own toppings. My current favourites are the blue cheese burger, which is literally smothered in blue cheese, and the chilli burger, which warms me up on cold winter evenings. I wash these down with thick vanilla milkshakes and then head to the gym to work off the calories. It's worth it, because the burgers are that good. I don't expect to visit McDonalds anytime soon.

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Red Fort Red Fort (Restaurant)
08 March 2004

This is leagues beyond your local balti house, albeit with prices to match. Service was excellent and they knew their wines, unlike nearly every other Indian restaurant I've visited.

I can't profess to know whether it's authentic, but it's absolutely declicious and although the portions weren't huge, I felt entirely satisfied with my grilled king prawns and chicken main course.

The only problem was that we'd approached it as a group of mates out for a curry after a few beers. Not that we were noisy or rude, but we weren't prepared for gourmet cusine, which is what the Red Fort serves. Consequently I felt that I'd wasted the opportunity, as if I were to return, I'd do so stone-cold-sober and ready to savour the ultimate examples of England's national dish.

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