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Lidgate Lidgate (Butcher)
15 October 2007

My family enjoyed some really lovely wild boar sausages from here for our dinner last night. They were really fragrant, had a great flavour and weren't fatty at all. What's more, my boyfriend had a really nice experience at the shop when he dropped by to pick them up. He had just got a puncture on his bike and hadn't planned to stop off on his way home so didn't have his lock with him. The butcher allowed him to bring his bike inside (I suppose as it was right at the end of the day and there weren't many another shoppers). How kind! A really great shopping experience - a delight to see all that is on display and a real treat, whatever you buy!

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Sagar (Restaurant / Restaurant)
10 October 2007

Never disappointing. Delicious food, friendly staff and a good location - close to bus, tube and lots of parking spaces round the back in the evening.

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Charbonnel et Walker Charbonnel et Walker (Chocolate Shop)
04 October 2006

Pure heaven! The chocolate is wonderful and the staff are helpful and friendly. You really feel like you've stepped back in time here, to a world away from the cheap chocolate that can be bought everywhere. Lots to savour and enjoy!

Top tip: I like to stop off here on the way to the theatre and pick up a couple of chocolates for the interval. If you are meeting friends, a single well chosen chocolate makes a thoughtful gift.

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Angela Flanders Angela Flanders (Perfume Shop)
04 October 2006

This is one of my top places in London. A delightful little shop with wonderfully friendly and chatty staff, selling gorgeous candles and scents. A brilliant place to find gifts for friends but, even better, you will always find a treat for yourself.

Top tip: visit Angela Flanders shop on Columbia Road in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The atmosphere in the flower market and the shop is heavenly. My Christmas always starts there!

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